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RF coaxial connectors cable connections Rules

1. General Provisions
The rules of RF coaxial connectors with the general cabling methods, steps, the use of tools and inspection projects, then apply to the distribution of soft and semi-rigid cables RF cable connectors. 
2 .connections tool  
    2. 1  pressure soft cable tool  209,000 matching soft cables pressure to be forced to Qiankou Φ2.5~Φ10.5 mm diameter soft cable, applicable to the use of the various RF coaxial cable connectors.  
    2. 2 semi-rigid cable connections tool   Semi-rigid cable connections tools applicable to SMA RF coaxial connectors connections SFT-50-2 (RG405/U) and SFT-50-3 (RG402/U) semi-rigid cables and other types of RF coaxial connectors with reference to the semi-rigid cables may apply tools.
3. connections methods and steps  
    3.1 cable connections soft approach  
    A. Baoxian : the size Baoxian by product drawings by stripping Xianqian tools or razor blades Boxian may, but shall not be damaged cable core lines, and internal and external insulation layer shield.  
    B. Welding, conductor : Guarding lines and sets Xianga loaded with melting point meridian east to +125 C above soldering tin will be welded to the cable core conductor line. Tanghuai attention to the cable insulation layer. 
    C. Then, conductor pressure : pressure to use tongs to Xianga pressed into Mutsukata for cable shielding, conductor and good contacts.  
    D. Loaded Resu control : using guns even blowing hot air balloon, as Resu of tightening can. 
    3.2 semi-rigid cable connections methods and steps  
    A. Baoxian : Boxian size and the drawings provided by lathe or special tools Boxian. B. Hanliao : +150 meridian east to be used for melting point C above soldering tin welding, conductor, C above melting point +125 meridian east welding, soldering tin conductor. 
4. items  
Cable connections components should do good contact resistance, insulation resistance, medium impatient tests. These projects are the product requirements and test methods detailed norms or standards.

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