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     After millennium civilization and sedimentation, about the middle of the original culture, after years of erosion and baptism, cast today's author electronics, forging and tempered their Zhenxing professional and mature. 
     Zhenxing procedures in the electronic plants grow, along with our focus on innovation, focus on quality education and skills training of staff; We seek progress with the times and strive for excellence, to lead.
     Zhenxing procedures in the electronic plants grow, and we are committed to play all staff in advance of service, professional skills and understanding of efficient teamwork, dedicated to providing the best customer service.
     In electronic Zhenxing procedures grow plants, we know your important, and the use of dedicated and professional service to your cooperation with us more perfect, employees and customers are tired electronic Jiechajian procedures plants have valuable asset, and we look forward to working with you to establish long-term and stable strategic partnership fully seize market opportunities, the advantages of Technology, OK desire to achieve common development.
     Zhenxing procedures in the electronic plants grow, our success is only onesecret -- work!
     Enterprise development today can not accomplish something the tripartite confrontation community support from all staff heartfelt solidarity and full of passion efficient work here, I would like to circles, outstanding colleagues to you our heartfelt thanks.
     In the new year, we would like to trust, co-operation, mutual benefit and work together, jointly created "Zhenxing electronic" brand as for enterprises takeoff in the creation, together raising, together development!

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